Monday, March 21, 2005


We can't actually quite believe that the internet actually has this non-story on it, so we'll repeat it in full:

Flamboyant pop singer Boy George has impressed software billionaire Bill Gates - not with his catchy tunes, but with his organic broccoli.

The Karma Chameleon star, whose raunchy new autobiography Straight is currently causing a stir, co-owns a plush health food shop in the wealthy area of Kensington, London.

And Microsoft magnate Gates - who has a mansion nearby - is hooked on the wholesome produce from the former Culture Club singer's shop.

George, real name George O'Dowd, reveals, "Bill comes in and buys lots of organic veg.

"The floor staff are always joking that he probably turns all his potatoes into chips - they're a witty bunch."

We've read it backwards and forwards, and checked several websites to see if "organic veg" is some sort of euphemism, but it doesn't seem to be. So... we're left with our rational head trying to believe that Bill Gates (i) does his own shopping; (ii) is in London often enough that he regularly has to buy vegetables; and (iii) buys his vegetables from Boy George.

We suspect it's some bloke with glasses who might look a little like Bill Gates.

Our artist's impression was thrown together too quickly to work in a "would you like an apple?"/"I really don't fancy any fruits" joke.

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