Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Sometimes, getting close-up to your audience can be a surprise. For Celine Dion, playing Vegas has revealed to her exactly what everyone's known for ages: her audiences aren't that discerning:

"It's how I've been all my life. As artists, we have to accept that this is a very different town (in which) to see a concert.

"People come here for four days, they eat too much, drink too many free drinks, they get sick from all that, they are jet-lagged sometimes so they just sit in the seat and sleep.

"As an entertainer, you have to be prepared for everything when it comes to the audience here. When you tour, people come there specifically that night to see you.

"They bought their tickets months and months ago. Here, they walk up to the box office an hour before the show. It's a very different kind of audience."

However you look at it, it takes the shine off all those positive press releases boasting how she keeps playing to full houses in Las Vegas, doesn't it?

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She could get exactly the same packed-out audience playing Digbeth coach station in Birmingham on a Friday evening.

Britney expressed interest a couple of weeks ago in emulating Celine's Vegas sets. It's clear why: Britney hears 'drunk, sick, often fast asleep' and thinks "that's husband material".

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