Tuesday, March 22, 2005


In her desperate bid to be liked again, Mariah Carey has broken the glass on the 'In case of dipping interest break here' box, and is now yakking on about her sex life, and being married to the boss:

Mariah Carey's happiness with Tommy Mottola didn't last through the honeymoon, the singer has admitted. And she says she still knows nothing abut men. "Yeah, everybody talks about that," the "Emancipation of Mimi" singer told Damon Dash's America Magazine about her grandiose 1993 wedding to the Sony exec. "But no one saw me on the honeymoon, running down the beach, miserable, crying and alone."

Everyone talks about Mariah's wedding? Really? She does know that when she hears people in the street saying "that old trout getting married to the coldfish with the top job..." they mean Camilla and Charles, doesn't she?

It is heartbreaking to hear that Mariah was all alone on a beach during her honeymoon. No witnesses... what an opportunity lost.

Hold your lunch firmly, now, though:

Seven years after the divorce, Mariah insists that she can still count on one hand how many sexual partners she's had. "I would like to be more experienced," Carey said. "I feel like in certain relation­ships, had I been more experienced, maybe things would have been different."

We're sure she can count partners on one hand, providing the hand has got a large abacus or enormous scientific calculator in it. Or dozens of fingers.

But we do wonder what would have been "different" if she'd been more experienced - presumably she'd have had the confidence to say "No, Tommy, I don't believe that everybody does put that there, actually."

Or maybe she'd have realised that it's not normal to have to sleep with the boss of a record label to get a decent contract. Even if you don't have any appreciable talent.

Or maybe that's our inexperience showing.

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