Monday, April 25, 2005


Interestingly, Bono has finally found a politician he doesn't wan't to keep cosying up to; he's attacked Canadian PM Paul Martin for not boosting foreign aid:

"We were looking for Canada to lead rather than be a laggard," [said Bono] adding that it felt like "business as usual".

"This is no time to just turn inward. I know there are problems here at home. But don't lose your focus, prime minister, on how history will remember this moment."

It's curious that Bono has never taken Bush to task for his failings to actually deliver his promises on, say, AIDS in Africa; nor did Bono seem able to think of anything but good to say about the recently deceased Pope. He surely wouldn't be kicking Canada to try and prove that he's not in awe of power (without upsetting anyone too much), would he?

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