Friday, April 22, 2005


Will Shar Jackson ever shut up? We know she must still be really pissed off about Kevin Federline dropping her for the beloved Britney, but she seems to have decided that this has given a chance to carve out a niche as a Britney expert. Even though she talks absolute piff:

"A baby is not a dog. You can't just put it away. I know she (Spears) says she's had experience with kids, but let me say this: 'You have not had experience until you have one of your own... I don't know if Britney realises how hard it will be."

So... erm, Brit shouldn't have a kid because she's had no experience with kids? And she won't have had that experience until she's had a kid of her own?

We think everyone would be a lot happier if, instead of just handing out snippy advice, Shar Jackson and Britney wrestled instead. Perhaps in jam.

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