Friday, April 22, 2005


We're not entirely sure where the truth lays about the Hoxton scrap between Pete Doherty and fanbs of Crazy Girl. It sounds like Pete was grandstanding and attempting to shift the gravity arounf himself, at least according to Crazy Girl's Tiff McGinnis:

“Apparently he (Doherty) knew somebody in the first band and was jamming with them but we were meant to go on,” claimed Crazy Girl’s lead singer Tiff McGinnis. “So we went on and he kept coming on stage to grab the mic, and all of his (friends) were trying to grab the mic too. When they realised they weren’t going to get to come on stage some chick grabbed a fire extinguisher and sprayed us and all of our equipment,” McGinnis explained. “And then I went to hit her and him (Doherty) and a fight broke out.”

Hmm. Someone single-mindedly determined to stink up the stage "jamming" and getting stroppy when the band people have paid to see try to get on?

McGinnis claims her guitar pedals got doused with water, but the venue's suggesting we all move along, as there's nothing to see here:

“The security acted the way they should have done, and Pete Doherty was asked to leave,” said the 333’s owner Vicki Pengilley. “The bouncers behaved impeccably as they always do. They reacted when they should have done and how they should have done. I know it was unfortunate that it messed up the gig, but there wasn’t a problem. The police weren’t called and they won’t be.”

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Anonymous said...

I'l tell you the truth, cuz I was there! 333 let that shit go on & on & on! There was no secuirty about down stairs & if there was, they turned a blind eye. Maybe 333 needs some press or something. But the whole fiasco was retarded. for a blow by blow
click here

crazy girl

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