Saturday, April 23, 2005


As a politician in Las Vegas, you'd have thought that Mayor Oscar Goodman would have had enough experience of what sleazes we, as a species, actually manage to be when given the opportunity. But it turns out the behaviour of people when free tickets for a Weezer and Red Hot Chilli Peppers gig were made available surprised even him. Shockingly, the free tickets for the centennial celebrations found their way onto Ebay. Just moments after they'd been handed out. Goodman shakes his head over the misery of it all:

"You get a couple of bums who take advantage of the situation, and what starts off as a very nice gesture ... turns into a sleazy methodology of trying to make a buck from it."

Of all the cities to have their anniversary besmirched by such seedy behaviour, too. It'd be awful if people came away with the sense that Las Vegas' sole raison d'etre is to shake down cash out of people who are only there to shake down cash. For Goodman, though, this behaviour has just spoiled everything:

"It's so unfair because the centennial committee wanted to present this very special event available to everybody free of charge."

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