Thursday, April 07, 2005


Woohoo! Hey, settle down, you springbreak guys: MTV is going to bring its portfolio of stuff online with a newbranded service, MTV Overdrive. So when you switch off MTV in disgust because it's full of rappers who are c-grade even at home showing round a house they've hired, you can find exactly the same stuff online.

Jason Hirschhorn, MTV's senior vice president of digital music and media, said the channel was being launched in response to the high number of young fans with broadband. "It seemed essential to create a new hybrid screen with its own content," he said.

We're not quite sure why putting stuff on the internet is "creating a new hybrid screen" - it's still the internet, it's not like you're going to have a TeleMonitor to need to watch the stuff. It's also interesting why MTV felt they needed to "create" anything; even Channel Five have been putting stuff on the web. Perhaps we should rework Hirschorn's quote for him:

He said it seemed like MTV needed to jump on the bandwagon, but wanted to make it seem like they were being proactive in some way.

MTV Overdrive. They pay people to come up with the names, you know.

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