Sunday, May 29, 2005


Now, we might give the impression that we believe every time Pete Doherty gives an interview to the press, it's because he's mainly interested in a big cash payment and what he might do with it. But that can't be the case, with him telling the News of the World:

"I did do drugs but that's all in the past now. That's not me any more. My drug is babies now—I love them."

It's unclear if he's snorting the babies or mainlining them. Now, we've been here before, of course: Pete Doherty telling a Murdoch paper that he's off the drucks. But this seems to be all part of his campaign to bounce Kate Moss into marriage (it's interesting he's the only one telling the press that it's a certainty); now, it sounds like he's come up with a new plan to try and secure, um, security:

"I love Kate very much—we're definitely going to get married. We are trying for a baby together."

Pete as a Dad? But he's so unreliable it's a miracle social services haven't taken his sperm into care. (Of course, we should say "Pete as a Dad again" - he had a kid, Estille, with Lisa Moorish - "I haven't really been there for him in the last year. I must sort that out." See, there were we having doubts as his fathering skills, and yet he's already thinking about possibly sticking Estille on his to do list at some point in the future.

But has Pete really changed? He's still hanging around with unsavoury sorts:

Yes, SHADY PETE DOHERTY is hanging out with RAV SINGH, as our PHOTO REVEALS. In news which will SHOCK gorgeous supermodel KATE MOSS, it's clear JUNKIE PETE is still spending time with the SHOWBIZ EDITOR of the NEWS OF THE WORLD.


A worried pal told us: "Gorgeous supermodel Kate will be so upset. Pete keeps insisting his bad boy days are behind him. Then he turns up with Singh. It's like he can't keep away."