Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Reduced to writing songs about buying bottles of milk, interviews with Oasis are no less full of thrills, with Noel and Liam's worldview so shrunken they only have themselves to reference. So it is that Noel spent most of his New York Post interview going on about that inter-sibling fued that the world made the mistake of appearing to be interested in some years ago:

And, Noel says although Liam is a good frontman for the band he wouldn't like to play bingo with him.

"He's good to be in a band with, but I wouldn't go down to bingo with him. If I didn't have a band with relatives in it I would be solo, beyond a shadow of a doubt. I wouldn't like to leave Liam on his own.

"He'd get in too much trouble," the 38-year-old guitarist told the New York Post.

But, he adds their rivalry is often "tongue-in-cheek."

"It often sounds to me a lot more vicious than it is. It's all said very tongue-in-cheek, ya know?

"But when it's in black and white, obviously you don't see the smirk on our faces when we're saying it..."

Oh, help us, we're drifting off ag...