Tuesday, May 24, 2005


It's been the talk of the web, but a well-oiled publicity machine is attempting to crush the rumour that Beyonce has sacked her Dad for some sort of dalliance with one of her backing dancers. Indeed, no lesser power than Sanctuary CEO Merck Mercuriadis has come down from the moutain to do some statementising:

“Contrary to recent reports, Beyonce has not made a change in management. Her father Mathew Knowles continues to be her manager and he continues to be employed and have our support as the President of Sanctuary Urban.”

Beyonce's representatives have also issued a denial. In fact, the only person who hasn't popped up yet to tell us there's nothing to see here, and to move along is Matthew Knowles himself. A "friend of Beyonce" hasn't exactly helped, either:

A “friend of Beyonce” also told the Daily News that the singer’s daddy is still her employee, stating they "don't have the greatest relationship. But ... he's still working for her."