Saturday, May 07, 2005


Foxy Brown has refused to cut a deal with the prosecution in the case which claims she beat up on a load of nail technicians. The details in their banal glory are:

Brown had stopped by Bloomie's, a salon she frequents in the city's Chelsea district, on Aug. 29 to get her nails in shape for the MTV Video Music Awards.

She says two salon employees locked her in the salon after she refused to pay for a manicure she claims she never received.

Bloomie employees Myoung Yi and Sun Ji Song, meanwhile, say Brown's claws came out after seeing her bill. They claim the artist whacked them with her cell phone and fist, causing "bruising and swelling to the face, as well as substantial pain."

The workers called the police, who let Brown go after she showed them her receipt. But Brown was later slapped with assault, attempted assault and harassment charges.

You;d have thought Brown would have been keen to cut a deal and stop the pain of the courtcase, if only because they keep referring to her by her slightly less bling real name of Inga Marchand.

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