Friday, May 27, 2005


Pete Doherty's been quiet for a while but suddenly has a pressing need for cash ("is out giving interviews again") - and, apparently, has claimed that his house has been bugged:

"I found a bug, a hidden camera, in my house. I don't want to talk about it, it's being investigated... I'm a bit paranoid."

Although didn't we hear a week or so ago that he'd been kicked out his house and was living in a B&B? And, besides, why would anyone bother to bug Doherty when he'll turn up and do a tell-all interview if you give him a few quid.

Like, for example, when told the Mirror that he's going to try and bounce Kate into a quickie wedding:

"We're driving through Gretna Green next weekend, so who knows? I might be able to persuade her..."

Of course, there's no real reason why Pete would want to rush Kate down the aisle, faster than you can say "Don't you think we should a pre-nup" other than pure romance.

Pete also told the Mirror that the opiates implants are working:

"It's been three months now and my implants are bio-degradable. It gets easier but the implants are only for heroin... It's not all drugs," he ended ominously.

Pete also claimed that he's relying on Kate for support because of an almost unbelievably extraordinary divvying-up of the royalties from the last Libs album:

"I just got the royalties through from the second Libertines album. The others all got £90,000. I got £500 and I'm skint."

Did we say almost unbelievable? Actually, scratch the "almost", there.