Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I'll bet the Neighbours production team are kicking themselves stupid for not having agreed to let Kylie film an insert in London for the 20th anniversary programme, what with how things are turning out. Rather shamefully, they're now trying to hitch onto the breast-cancer-wagon by including a radio playing I Should Be So Lucky in the episode:

"She can't make it for the 20th anniversary but this is our way of saying thanks to her and get well soon," a show boss explained.

... rather than "sorry we told you to piss off last month", then?

In other Kylie news, Sid "Sidiot" Rosenburg has been axed by New York's WFAN breakfast show after making gags about how Kylie would look while getting chemo. He'd managed to hang on through previous crises, including calling the USA Women's soccer team "juiced-up dykes" and a spot of rehab, but it turns out that he's gone too far this time. Although, oddly, not so far that the station has totally sacked him, as he's still going to do a lunchtime show; presumably on the basis that he's not been quite so offended at dinner time. Yet.