Sunday, May 29, 2005


It's disturbing to discover my father had something in common with Shirley Manson: they both had a crush on Anni-Frid Lynstad from Abba.

"I always loved Frida, the dark-haired singer. All the other girls and my sisters loved the beautiful blonde, Agnetha, and it made me angry and upset that no-one loved Frida. Something instinctive drew me to her. She was the more poignant, beautiful character and she seemed to sing the sadder songs."

Winningly, Contact Music has decided that means "GARBAGE star SHIRLEY MANSON was desperate to have a lesbian relationship with ABBA's brown-haired beauty ANNI-FRID LYNGSTAD when she was a teenager." We're not entirely certain you can resolve what Shirley said into a teenage Shirley laying in the dark of her room, panting and dreaming of Anni-Frid, a large bucket of warming KY Jelly and three different shapes of strap-ons, although it's not an image we're totally rejecting...