Thursday, May 26, 2005


It's not entirely surpising that a school in Ipswich has banned pupils from making their own friendship bracelets on "health and safety grounds" - the sort of tiresome edict ambulance-chasing personal injury "lawyers" cause to be all too common - but what is surprising is the craze for "scoubies" at Cliff Lane Primary School appears to have been inspired by Sacha Distel:

"... the name Scoubidou came from the late French singer Sacha Distel, who scored his first hit with the song of the same name in 1958. The website says that one night a group of Distel's fans, invaded his hotel room and presented him with an object made of electrical wire, which they christened a Scoubidou in his honour."

On this basis, Ipswich should brace itself for the arrival of Teddy Boys in its schools sometime around the end of the decade.