Monday, May 09, 2005


In some odd survey paid for by Lloyds TSB, given the choice of any manager, people would really like theirs to adopt Sharon Osbourne as a role model. Apparently 28% of those asked thought she embodied exactly what a manager would need; she completed a top three with Alex Ferguson and Tony Blair, which seems to suggest that not knowing when people are tired of you and it's time to go is the most pressing factor looked for in a boss in the UK. Maybe this really just tells us that people in the UK really hate leaving parties.

Fiona Cannon is Lloyds TSB's head of equality and diversity, and she was wheeled out to give her opinion on what this tells us. (Presumably the Lloyds TSB Head of Carpets had a prior engagement):

"Clearly home life is very important to Sharon Osbourne and it's good to see people choosing someone who talks openly about their family and who does not separate out their work and home lives. Having a good work-life balance is one of the keys to having a happy and fulfilling working life and we’d love to hear about bosses who encourage and support their staff in helping to strike that balance."

We're a little puzzled by this - Sharon Osbourne hasn't really solved the work-life balance at all; all she's done is whore her family into being her career. In fact, if home life was so important to Sharon, why would she have flogged it and her privacy for a few quid? The only Osbourne whose home life seemed to be of any importance was Aimee, surely?

Thanks for the tip on this one to the good people at Talent in a Previous Life

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