Saturday, May 28, 2005


It sounds like it was done in a way that doesn't really do much to counter the popular impression that Robert Smith is a bit a canute, as The Cure slims down to a three-piece. Roger O'Donnell is out:

What is done is done however it happened. I was in a group and now I'm not ..... Thanks to everyone who has emailed me, I will reply to you all and I wish The Cure all the success they deserve.

Also receiving a copy of Coping With Redundancy was Perry Bamonte:

I'm really overwhelmed by the amount of fans who have written to me and you and to all the Cure websites - I never knew I had that much of an impact or how important a part of The Cure I was for so many people. Please pass on my thanks to everyone for their suport and compliments and their best wishes for my future. I wish the band well and bear no grudge. I have no definite plans at this time but will inform you if I become involved in any other projects. Once again - Thank You!

O'Donnell came to hear about Smith's decision to move forward with just Simon Gallup and Jason Cooper when he logged on to a Cure fansite and saw there were live dates about which he knew nothing.

There are some tantalising hints that Steve Severin might be helping Smith beef up the live performances as an outcome of the work they've been doing to remaster their The Glove album:

"It is true that we are talking again, but I haven't spoken to Robert since this story broke," Severin tells "All I know is that we are working together on making the most exciting remaster of 'Blue Sunshine' possible."