Monday, May 23, 2005


We're enjoying the news that Tina "S Club" Barrett is "snubbing" David Schwimmer - in other words, the former children's TV star once had a date with the multi-millionaire, he's back in the country, and she says she's "not that fussed" about meeting him. In other words, oddly, he's not been in touch suggesting they see if that old magic is still there, then.

In other S Club News, Tina has ruled out the possibility of a quick return to temp work (she's going to put herself through the autohumiliation of a solo album first) and of an S-Club reunion. She says:

"...we wouldn't do a reunion like the Spice Girls. It wouldn't work."

In other words, they would get back together like a shot, but nobody is interested enough to underwrite it.