Thursday, May 26, 2005


If you had any doubt who the creative powerhouse of Blur was, all you have to do is compare this:

Damon's cartoon band

with this:

Graham's solo work

Anyway, it's clear that - however he wants to try and dress it up, Damon knows that Blur needs Graham far more than it needs him:

“I grew up with Graham and it’s really confusing when you grow apart from someone who you grew up with. I’ve only got a sister so I did consider him for many years to be like my brother and it’s a real shame that there’s been such a breakdown in communication.

”But as far as playing again live I can’t play any other stuff that he worked (on) without him. I feel that there’s a horrible hole in the sound if he’s not there and obviously if we could get back or move forward to a time when everyone felt comfortable again… I don’t quite understand why there’s such a tension because when we actually meet in a room together, all of us, we all get on fine.”

In the meantime, of course, there's always comic cuts to play with - Noodles and Murdoch and Mr. Jinks and... God, he really needs to win Graham back over, doesn't he?


Unknown said...

On a train yesterday we stopped at a station where I was faced with a big promo for the Gorillaz new album. I humphed and thought how shite the cartoon crapness is, and pondered on how I used to think Damon a shiny talent. Then I noticed the title "Demon days" is actually an anagram of Damon dyes and wondered if it were a subliminal code to alert the world to the fact that it is all over for Mr Albarn. Then the train moved off.
Thrilling anecdote hey?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

This almost makes me want to look for other subliminal messages in the album... although that would, of course, mean listening to it which makes it a less attractive course of action...

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