Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Bloody hell, they thought Bobby Gillespie was out of order for making a jibe in the direction of Kylie fans - Conor Oberst seems to have upset the whole world by slagging MPH and John Peel during their Glastonbury set. People contacted to fume:

Some of the things he was saying concerning the Make Poverty History Campaign and John Peel were completely out of order. Being a bit cynical about some people's motives behind supporting the campaign is one thing, and is perhaps okay, but belittling the campaign which many people strongly believe in is plain wrong.

”The John Peel thing was in my opinion even worse as it was completely inexcusable. You can't slag off one of the most important people in our lives just because he didn’t play your tunes. A lot of people left the show and I think and hope he lost a lot fans that night. He lost me. It's a shame because the guy is quite possibly a genius, but also, clearly, he is a complete cock.”

We wonder if Oberst was slagging Peel off in order to try and get Julie Burchill to sleep with him?

Anyway, Conor's put on the hair shirt:

“I would like to express my sincerest apology to the friends and family of Mr. Peel for anything I said during our performance at Glastonbury. I truly don’t remember much of the show but have been informed since of what I said and it was way out of line and far from my real feelings.

”I have nothing but respect for John Peel and his beautiful gift for sharing music. I never had the pleasure of meeting him but by all accounts he was an outstanding man and deserves much more respect then I showed. I am very sorry.”

Conor, Conor, what have you done, with your pretty eyes... pretty, pretty eyes...

"I have been bad... I'm sorry," said Conor, teeth gritted.

"Not good enough, boy."

The metal ruler came down again on Conor's naked ass; this time it was so hard when his new bitchmaster ran his fingers across the glowing red buttock, he could feel the imprint of the lines and numbers etched on the rule now reversed into Conor's flesh.

"How sorry are you?"

Conor turned his head as much as the chain through his collar would allow him.

"Very, very sorry, master..."


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