Friday, June 03, 2005


So, down in the comments box somebody suggested we were being a bit hard on Elvis Costello, and that the facts of the UEA gig weren't quite as bad the reports made them sound.

So, we dug a bit deeper, and found a report Eastern Daily Press which does present a different light on things:

Elvis took the stage at 9.30, and was greeted by boos and someone throwing a drink over him; he still played for two hours, mind - which, to be fair, isn't any later a start and different a length to most gigs, is it? And, while he has said he won't refund anyone, he's said that anyone who was really inconvenienced by his late stage show can have free tickets the next time he's in Norfolk.

So: not as much of a knob as he'd been made out to be in this case.

We are, however, still waiting for an explanation for signing that RIAA letter...