Friday, June 24, 2005


Following their set being pulled in the interests of health, safety and not drowning, the Dead 60s have issued a statement:

“We’re absolutely gutted, not just for ourselves, but for all the other bands too. The Other Stage was struck by lightning at the time we were supposed to be performing, so we’re quite relieved in some way that the organisers closed the stage. We’re currently taking shelter in catering and have started on the brandy.”

Better getting sloshed on brandy than being fried, we guess. The Subways and Black Bud have also seen their slots kicked as rain sweeps the site.

Meanwhile, Michael Eavis is in full crisis-what-crisis mode:

“What’s wrong with a bit of rain? Is it going to be alright? Of course it is! We’ve had two inches of rain and we’ve got to get some tents moved. The tents that are wet have got to be moved, that’s the only problem, they’ve got to go on higher ground. We’ve not closing any of the campsites, just moving the wet tents to higher ground.”

Wet tents, eh? That's not the impression you get from Ian Youngs' blog:

The strangest sight so far at Glastonbury was 20-year-old Stewart Chappell from Somerset swimming to his tent. Literally, doing front crawl.

He was hoping to retrieve his car keys, but he didn't find them. His tent was in the most unfortunate part of the site, where dozens found their tents almost completely submerged.

Mr Chappell retrieved a few bags from his tent and that of a friend before wading back - up to his neck - to shore.

Meanwhile, The Guardian's Imogen Tilden points out that maybe there's a greater force at work - because of the reorganised schedule, the first track on Glasto proper this year was the Undertones doing Teenage Kicks. Peel, is this your doing?