Friday, June 24, 2005


Good holy shit, if the bands look so washed out - the Doves look as if they've come to the stage looking as if they've spent the day under water, what must it be like for the poor sods whose tents have washed away in the great Glasto floods? There's some business going on with their drummer at the moment, but we're not quite sure what.

A quick flick to BBC FOUR, newcomers to the festival this year; they've got Elvis Costello. Wonder what he'll start with... oh, you guessed Radio Radio, did you? Mind you, we can see why he's keen to do the high-energy stuff at the start of his set; he's struggling to keep up with the speed of his own youth here.

Back over to BBC THREE - is that Paul Weller standing watching from the side of the stage?

Onto NEWS 24, where they've actually given over one of their news multiscreens to the Flooded Glastonbury story, so those of us in the dry can press red at any time to enjoy a spot of quick gloating from the comfort of our armchair. But what we really want, of course, is to see how those people who paid six grand to stay in a tent are shaping up.