Thursday, June 30, 2005


It seems to be fairly obvious to us that what's going to lead to a Stone Roses reunion isn't so much any burning desire on the part of Brown and Squire to get together again; more it'll just be a way of stopping everyone banging on about when it's going to happen. Ian Brown seems to be getting sick of the whole thing:

“It’s like a yearly rumour now isn’t it? You’re talking to the man who’s done four LPs and is putting together a Greatest Hits, so really that’s all that’s on my mind.”

Meanwhile, he seems to be keen to shift the blame for it not happening onto John Squire:

“If the kid was serious, John, why doesn’t he phone me? Why does he go through the media? Why doesn’t he call me? I’ve got the same phone number as when he last spoke to me on nine years ago. Why doesn’t he phone me? That’s all I’m saying.”

When asked what his response would be, Brown quipped: “It’d probably be two words.”

What's astonishing here is that Brown still has the same phone number he had a decade ago - flicking backwards through our phone book we can't find anyone other than our dad who's still got a phone number that old. The other odd thing is that we could have sworn that Brown has moved more than once in the last few years - wasn't he living in Wales at one point? How did he port his Manchester code down there?