Thursday, June 02, 2005


Nobody really seems to know what happened with the Morrissey Isle of Wight cancellation: Mozzer's statement suggested that Sanctuary had announced it without it being confirmed, although the official website has got a more benign form of words:

"Morrissey will regrettably not be appearing at the Isle Of Wight Festival on the 11th of June as scheduled. The pressure of preparing the new album and losing his drummer earlier this month has made it impossible to do the gig without massively compromising both the gig and the album. Apologies to all the fans, the organisers and the people of the Isle Of Wight."

Meanwhile, the organiser of the festival was on 6Music a while ago moaning that if he'd have cancelled an act at such short notice he'd have been had up in a "court of law". So he obviously thought that Mozzer was a deffo.

And what of Sanctuary, the label who - according to some reports - Morrissey is fuming at? They're being very tight-lipped indeed:

"We've worked closely with Morrissey over the last couple of years and out of respect to our artists we're not going to comment any further."

The upshot of all this is Travis are going to take over the slot that may, or may not, have been reserved for, or allocated to, Morrissey. So nobody wins, then.