Thursday, June 09, 2005


Robbie Williams has had sex with loads of blokes. That's what Star magazine claimed back last September, raising a curious eyebrow that while he'd gone on about all the times he'd shagged women, his autobiography Feel was very quiet about the times he'd enjoyed a spot of cock. Now, of course, Star has been forced to publish a clarification:

"The article suggested that while Mr Williams had told all about his female conquests in his autobiography, he was keeping his homosexual encounters secret," it says.

"We now accept that Mr Williams was never involved in any incidents of this kind and that these allegations are untrue."

Bloody hell... what sort of sheltered life has Williams had if he's never enjoyed a spot of man-man action? I mean, we know he's a bit icky and no self-respecting boy would really want to put up with his gurning, but you can imagine him with a gimp mask for a half hour or so, surely?

The interesting question about all this is why Williams and his people feel that rumours that he might be a bit bisexual are so terrible in 2005 that they pursue campaigns like this against fairly obscure magazines. There are, surely, far worse things to be called than having an open mind sexually?