Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Will we never be free of the curse of prog rock? Franz Ferdinand are going all Peter Gabriel on us, and not giving their follow up to the first album a name. Indeed, they've gone a step beyond Gabriel, and aren't going to have a different design, either - just a different set of colors on the front. Of course, this ultimately means their US record company will just slap stickers on the outside saying "Second Franz Ferdinand album"; afficiandos will doubtless call this black, red, pale green. It's all part of a master plan, says Alex Kapranos:

“The whole point is that the album doesn’t have a title. We decided quite a while ago that we didn’t want to give any of the albums titles, they were just going to be called ‘Franz Ferdinand’.”

He added: “The albums are going to be identified by their colour schemes rather than a title. The contrast of different colours creates a different mood. We experimented with different combinations of colours and this one stuck. At one level they looked good together, and they capture the mood of this record quite well.”

There will, of course, be problems with this if they get to the ten album stage - people chiding their gran for buying the light green with red trim instead of the pale green with crimson.

We await the Dulux marketing crossover with interest.


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