Thursday, June 16, 2005


There's an interesting game of cat, mouse and high-powered but unsubtle lawmowers going on over on Ebay; people trying to scalp their tickets are just sticking an email address in their listing and saying, more or less, "deal direct, love"; people are still making amusing bids in an attempt to derail the auctions; and still others with nothing to do with Live8 are advertising stuff like "LIVE. 8 SETS OF BANKSY STICKERS just the ticket " to snare anyone searching on "live 8 ticket."

In effect, then, what Bob and Goldsmith have failed to do is stop the auctions; all they've done is force the touts to move underground and off the site, away from the levels of protection offered by Ebay. They've made it much easier for the unscrupulous to rip off the credulous, but not done anything to stop tickets actually changing hands for cash. Nice work.