Sunday, June 05, 2005


You've got to admire someone who bravely struggled on trying to establish herself as a singer despite using her less-than-helpfull family name. Now she's decided that being called Wafah Bin Ladin might be a bit of a handicap in some Top 40 markets. Wafah had been discovering that her uncle kind of cast a pall over her attempts to make the chance, and so now she's adopted her mother's maiden name for her career. Luckily her mother was called Dufour and not something like "Hitler" or "Thatcher".

On the other hand, she does seem to be happy to use her relationship with the wonky-kidneyed despot to try and launch her career - interesting that although she's dropping the name, she's quite happy to use the connection for publicity.


Anonymous said...

Es totalmete absurdo lo que esta haciendo, nadie deberia de apoyarla. Hay que repudiarla por el simple hecho de ser familiar de Bin Laden. Solo asi, ejerciendo presion, dentro del nucleo familiar pueden empezar a ver mal estar en esas religiones o tener el tipo de pensamientos que tiene gente como Bin Laden que como el debe haber miles.

Anonymous said...

ni al caso de repudiar quien es por sus familiares. nadie puede elegir quien es su familia. la admiro mucho por salir delante por si misma, y es muy bonita. espero que nadie la repudie por ser racistas or por sus familiares. sus fotos demuestran que no es musualmana, deberian todos darle una oportunidad.

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