Saturday, June 04, 2005


Due to some sort of scheduling mix-up, crowds who turned up to protest about how innocent Michael Jackson is (we're picturing chants like 'He's ill-judged and immoral, but that's not a crime') got muddled up with an anti-war demo outside the Santa Barbara court on friday.

There were also some people there to protest about child abuse, too:

At one point, fans verbally attacked Sofia Hollum, and Sunshine Lopez, 29, both of Santa Maria, who held up a sign reading "No more child victims."

"Do you know anything at all about this case?" yelled a Jackson fan with a New York accent.

"Why does he have pictures of naked boys?" Hollum responded, as other fans claimed Jackson was innocent.

There's nothing as wonderful as the power of blind faith, but how can Jackson fans not even accept that their idol had stepped over the boundaries of what is acceptable for a grown man to do with a child, even on the basis of what his defense team admitted to; never mind what the prosecution alledge?

Oh, and it turns out the war protesters actually turned up because they knew the only way to get any sort of political issue mentioned on the television news, they needed to be where the cameras were.