Saturday, June 04, 2005


We're rushing to keep up with Kelly Osbourne stories as they come spewing out of the special Kelly Osbourne newsmachine in the corner of the room. Kelly crashes her 1956 Chevvy into a hydrant; the car had been a gift from ozzy for sorting herself out when she went into rehab last year.

But then, of course, Ozzy did owe her one, as her rehab was all his fault: apparently addiction is "genetic", reckons Kelly. Pity talent isn't.

And Kelly had it bad - sucking codeine lollipops and "I couldn't eat, I was throwing up and peeing and s***ting - it was the most disgusting thing," Kelly was quoted as telling the Marie Claire magazine. Of course, a lot of this has been part of the publicity for her new album - the one being trailed by the pisspoor Visage ripoff single.

In another interview, she revealed that she had 500 pills stashed in her room.

Mind you, all this talking about drugs must have set her thinking about the old days. Us Weekly reckons she's back in rehab.

Nobody would wish ill-luck on her, but at least it'll stop her pushing the album and her wonderful recovery down everyone's throats.

Mind you: with another kid having another session in rehab, it does make you wonder why Asda think Sharon's the best person to offer tips to mothers on how to handle their family.