Thursday, June 16, 2005


Naturally, you'd expect XFM to have some long-term strategy, and it's no great surprise to discover that it plans to beat Radio One into a bloody pulp. In the long-term. And what's its secret method? Depressingly, it wants to build its brand on the narrow-mindedness of the average indie-guitar kid:

However, XFM sees the BBC station's emphasis on variety as its weakness. "Radio 1 tries to be all things to all people in terms of the music that it covers," Bryce argues. "People who love guitar rock, we know through research, often don't like pop or urban. They have to put up with the urban record to get to the one they actually want to listen to."

Some people are dragged to the ghetto; some cheerfully build ghetto walls around themselves. What sort of market is it where the target audience will happily sit through Christian O'Connell yammering away, but will retun if Rachel Stevens comes on?