Friday, July 01, 2005


It's time to settle down, Pink has decided, and has asked Corey Hart to marry her.

Oh, hang about, Carey Hart, isn't it?

Mmm. Quite a catch - David Schwimmer's eyes in an accountant's face in a body apparently scribbled on by disturbed children with crayons. Still, there's no accounting for the power of love, is there?

The engagement was quite something, too:

Hart, 29, was participating in the Pro 250 racing finals in Mammoth, California, when the 25-year-old multiplatinum-selling singer reportedly popped the question by writing "Will you marry me?" on a board in the pit area. A source tells the magazine that an incredulous Hart asked, "Are you serious?" She was, and he accepted.

We can only imagine what the wedding will be like, but we do hear the Super Sausage in Towcester welcomes bikers.