Friday, July 22, 2005


The jury in the Ashanti breach of contract case has decided that she did break the contract with her original producer, Genard Parker. Parker had claimed Ashanti had broken promises to draft him in to help on tracks and help him share in the career he helped create; the jury agreed and awarded him USD630,000.

Naturally, as we've discussed before, famous people never actually lose court cases, and that's true in this case, too. Ashanti's lawyer Harry Stokes didn't actually think he'd lost, merely that the jury had been puzzled:

"We think the jury got confused somewhat, particularly on the damages," he said. "We feel confident when this is said and done we won't have to pay out anything."

Ah! The poor, confused jury didn't find against you and your client - they just blurted out the wrong verdict. I see.