Thursday, July 14, 2005


Hurrah! There's loads of new songs for Bloc Party to choose from for their second album, and every last one is better than the stuff that made the recent Oasis album by a distance and a half. Obviously. Russell Lissack is spilling his beans:

“We’ve recorded two [possible] songs but we still need to mix them and finish them, so we’re not sure which one’s going to be the single just yet,” he told XFM. "One’s called ‘Hero’ and one’s called ‘Two More Years’.

“I like all the new songs better than any of the old ones because I think they’re all better. We’ve been playing a couple live like ‘Into The Blue’, one called ‘Kids’ and one called ‘The Present’ but I don’t know when they’ll see the light of day. I can’t say too much though because they’re still in the tentative early stages.

“It’s strange for us because the album’s very old in our eyes. I mean even before it was out we were writing a lot of new stuff, so it helps us to get new things out.”