Monday, July 18, 2005


When Shirley Manson suggested that Dave Grohl give Pete Doherty some advice about the drucks, we don't think she actually expected that Grohl would take the time to sit down and dish some out. But Mr. Grohl did:

"I mean, with someone like Pete from the Libertines, who I have never met, God, it's like a biography that you have read 10 times before. It doesn't have to be that way.

"I'm not one to preach to anybody. I've had my share of fun, too. But music is such a beautiful thing. I would hate to see it suffer to something like drugs. What a drag. What a waste. Such a bummer.

"In a way it is almost glorified, you know. 'Wow, he must be a bad ass, he is living the life.' To me it just seems like, 'God, don't do it.' It's such a cliched dead end. But at the same time I don't mind drinking half a bottle of whiskey every now and then with some friends."

Trouble is, from what it's sounding like Doherty's game plan is, telling him he's behaving like a bunch of rock legends from the past isn't actually going to persuade him he's heading in the wrong direction. Still, at least Dave tried.