Tuesday, July 12, 2005


You've got to tip your hat for the level of self-delusion being shown by, uh, theotherblokesfromINXS - they're certain that Michael Hutchence would have been amused by discovering his replacement is being chosen on some form of game show - and who wouldn't, eh? "Hey, that job you've been doing? We could more or less choose someone at random, and they'd be able to do it just as well as you." Yeah, we reckon that Hutchence would be delighted by that.

Not, of course, that the band are looking for Hutchence II:

Tim Farriss says the band isn't "in any way, shape or form trying to replace Michael Hutchence."

"What we really want is somebody who brings their own personality along and someone completely different," Farriss told AP Radio in a recent interview.

Of course they want someone totally different - why would they look for someone who'd shimmer star quality through his fingernails and steal all the limelight from them? Plus, it'd be nice to have a lead singer who doesn't force the cancellation of lucrative foreign tours because his extreme-wank hobby slipped out control. They're looking for someone totally different. Oh, and did they mention someone who'd take an order once in a while?