Sunday, July 31, 2005


And, indeed, we're prepared to believe it - only the most ignorant straight bloke these days would assume that if a gay bloke shows anything approaching interest in you, its because they want to bum you. Lee, though, isn't gay, let's just make that queer. Um, sorry, clear:

"Elton fancies me I think. He keeps asking me when I'm going to turn gay. That's one thing I am definitely not!

Some other things Lee definitely isn't include attractive, smart, witty and coherent. There is a longer list, but we need to be fair to people using dial-up and have to keep this entry manageable.

"Elton rings me and gives me advice all the time. He tells me to stay away from drink and drugs, how to handle everything to do with being famous. He really looks after me."

And we're sure if Lee ever achieves fame beyond a bunch of nine year old girls - oh, and those builders who couldn't tear themselves away from watching him have sex - with a lady - that advice will come in real useful. Lets hope he wrote it down somewhere.

Lee Ryan - let's just make this clear - certainly isn't gay, thank you very much.