Saturday, July 02, 2005


Well, it's Live 8 day, isn't it? When the FT and the Morning Star clear space on their front pages to cover the same event, there's some sort of force at work:

- we love the Morning Star interviewing the Streophonics; we wonder if they tried to get Madonna first?

The Independent, king of the stunt front pages, ties up with Bob Geldof, king of the stunts:

The Times, meanwhile, has to make do with Sting:

The Sun can't quite wean itself off the CD giveaway habit, but at least their CD has a Live 8 theme:

(oh look... it's a Free Nelson Mandela CD)

... the Express, meanwhile, just has a Disco CD and the bollocks claim that "5.5 million will see the Supergig", a mathematical nonesense that Geldof came up with on MTV last night:

The Mirror come up with a novel way of avoiding the potential sales-destroying problem of having a big picture of Bob Geldof on the front page:

The telegraph and Guardian both go for the 'building the stage' shot:

And in the US, too, the nation is in no doubt about what the main story is today. The retirement of Sandra Day O'Connor. Indeed, we couldn't see any of today's papers that have decided that Live 8 is the biggest story in the world today, which might take the edge off what the event is trying to achieve.