Monday, July 18, 2005


Trouble is brewing for Slash, as his former publicist Arlett Vereecke is dragging him off to court claiming that he owes her tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid fees. Vereecke had been representing all of Velvet Revolver, but after falling out with Scott Weiland had devoted all her energies to making Slash a success. She claims that Slash's marriage to Peral Hudson had ruined it all:

But Vereecke accuses Slash's wife, Peral Hudson, of coming between them, saying, "She's on a power trip. It's all about her. She doesn't want Slash to be involved with anyone but her." [...] His wife saw to it that she was tossed aside like a "third wheel".

We're not entirely sure you would toss aside a third wheel, would you? You might toss aside a used tissue, or a treat someone like they were a third wheel, but there's a sense of metaphors being mixed. Presumably she'd not have done that sort of thing in her press releases for Slash.