Thursday, July 14, 2005


Of all the wastes of his valuable time we can imagine for James Brown, teaching Will Young how to dance might be the biggest we can come up with.

Do we have a well-placed source? We do:

"James is a big Will fan and told him his dancing is coming along brilliantly - but a few hip thrusts wouldn't hurt.

"Will is resigned to the fact he'll never compete with the Godfather Of Soul. But they get on so well they will meet up again when they are in the same country."

The pair first met when they both performed at Live 8 in Murrayfield, Edinburgh and have met up a few time since the gig.

That's "a few times" in a little bit over a week, is it? Good God, Will didn't even see that footballer he wasn't having a fling with at all, oh no no, as much as that. You'd have thought James Brown would have other things calling on his time...

Still, it's big of Will to admit that he'll never compete with the Godfather of Soul - to be honest, he'd struggle to compete with Grandad by Clive Dunn - although we love this news that James Brown is a "big Will Young fan." We think we know how that started:

WY: Wooo! Mr. James Brown - I'm so thrilled to meet you. I'm a big, big fan of yours! Wooo!
JB: And I'm a big fan of yours, too. It's mutual, man. [Long, awkward pause] Please leave my caravan. [As WY runs off to telephone The Sun] Who the hell was that?