Thursday, July 14, 2005


So, how the hell did Michael Jackson get away with it, then? There's going to be squillions, maybe even heptrillions, of books and TV Movies explaining the verdict, but according to Stacy Brown, Jacko was acquitted because of, not despite, the all-white jury:

"The defence team knew what they were doing. I think if that trial had been moved so that there were more black people on the jury, Michael Jackson would be in prison right now.

"He would not have had the sympathy many thought he would get because if there's one thing the black community will not tolerate it's child molestation.

"I know he was acquitted but I really think that if a black person had been on that jury he would have had a tough time of it. African-Americans will not stand by and go along with that sort of thing."

... whereas, of course, White Americans are well-known for being soft on, and even in favour of, child molesting. So that theory works, then.

The real reason he got off, of course, is none of the jury wanted to see those beautiful birds cooped up in baskets a moment longer than neccessary: