Friday, August 19, 2005


What's worse than Slipknot? Very little, apart from possibly contracting ebola and rabies simultaneously, or being trapped in a lift with Noel Edmonds. And, of course, an angry Slipknot. And angry they are, with Burger King, who have created a band a little like Slipknot to promote their chicken-like strips and dripping sauce. Slipknot do what any bunch of disaffected rejectors of society would do: they;re threatening to sue.

Yes, Slipknot are afraid that the general public might confuse a hugely commercial proposition purely designed to shift unpleasant product to a gullible and undiscerning audience with... oh, okay, they might have a point then.

What they may have missed, though, is that this sort of thing really plays into the hands of Burger King, as it's giving their what-bit-of-chicken-is-that products much more publicity than they ever could have dreamed of.