Tuesday, August 16, 2005


And we're sure the MediaGuardian's MediaMonkey diary will be thoroughly ashamed of this entry, holding up Neil McCormick to public ridicule:

Having devoted 1,569 words plugging the song he had written in response to the London bombings, Daily Telegraph rock critic Neil McCormick has come over all shy and retiring. Readers may remember the ditty, called People I Don't Know Are Trying to Kill Me, had Bono drooling, but so far sales remain stuck around the single figures mark. Shame. Strangely, McCormick hasn't thought it important to mention this. So come on Macca, what went wrong? And when will you be releasing the follow-up: Some People I Don't Know Aren't Buying My Record?

Careful, Media Monkey - he's mates with Bono, you know.