Tuesday, August 09, 2005


We're not alone, we're sure, in pondering exactly why Oasis dedicated a track to Robin Cook during their Sunday night Bennaccsism set - did they support his stance on the Iraq war? No, that didn't square with their stance at the time. Did they respect the work he'd done to ensure the Commons was a better place to work in? It seems unlikely. No, we guess that it was a person they'd vaguely heard of who was dead, and little more thought sat behind the gesture than that. It seems, in fact, exactly the same lack of thought had gone into their dedication of a song to Kurt Cobain when he died:

Speaking with Q Magazine Liam said: "We were doing some gig when we heard Our Kid dedicated a song to him. Didn't give a shit myself. Smackhead, man. Not my problem. Couple of good tunes, but other than that, a gearhead."

So, exactly why did... oh, it's no good...