Saturday, August 13, 2005


The people who run the "Spirituality For Children" wing of the Kabbalah centres will be gurgling with delight as Britney Spears has apparently given them a cheque for £18,000 in order to "ease" her kid's entry into the culty cult. (Because, you know, the Kabbalah guys might turn down a high-profile celeb kid if they didn't come with a massive cheque attached.)

A source close to the 23-year-old reveals: "Britney made the charity donation last month. Madonna suggested Spirituality For Kids because she thinks it's amazing.

"She has told her that introducing her baby to Kabbalah as soon as possible will be greatly beneficial to everyone involved in the child's upbringing."

Especially, of course, the centre being able to draw down large sums of cash off the child's parents.

"Britney hasn't made a big deal of her gift because some of her family are suspicious of Kabbalah.

"But she thinks Madonna's a great role model and would never question her advice."

Well, at least Madge can still tell someone what to do. We wonder if we can persuade her to tell Britney to shove a few quid our way, too? It wouldn't bring any benefit to Britney or her kid, of course, but then that's not so very different from giving the string sales company money, is it?