Friday, September 09, 2005


You'd have to at least praise the cojones of the security guard who tried to stop Nick Cave going on stage with his fags and beer when they played the Aly Pally last week.

Cave wasn't impressed, mind:

"Nick just said 'Fine, if I can't take a beer on with me, I'm going back to my dressing room. You can go out there and tell some jokes to entertain the crowd for three hours'," a source on Cave's tour told the Independent.

"Then the band turned on their heels and marched back up to their dressing rooms."

The venue decided that they'd better stick to their strict health and safety guidelines, and so sent the security guard onstage to fill for three hours. His reading of the HSE regulations was a surprise hit, and he's expected to headline the second stage at the V festival next summer.

(Okay, the climbed down and let Cave take his fags and lager onto stage. They did mutter that the smack was pushing it a bit, though.)