Thursday, September 01, 2005


Possibly tens of thousands are stranded still in their homes with water lapping the roofs. Most of the affected states' national guards - who could be helping - are stuck in Iraq being shot at. People are starving, dying of dehydration, and desperate. Rumours of society breaking down across New Orleans are spreading like wildfire, closely followed by actual wildfire. The poorest people have had their lives wiped from them. Some gouging gas store owners have stuck petrol prices up to levels which make it almost as expensive to fill your tank in some places in the US as it would be in the UK. And how does the President react at his nation's time of desperate need?

He's having fun dicking about with country singer Mark Wills.

Yes, that's a picture from Tuesday night, when the scale of the problem was already very obvious.


[Thanks to Jim McCabe.]