Saturday, September 10, 2005


Garbage aren't splitting up, apparently. According to Shirley Manson, anyway. She says the big cancellation of all the European tour is simply because the band just needs a bit of a nap now:

"I've been on the go since January, and I think we all just feel a little burnt out" Manson says. "We came to the conclusion that we shouldn't carry on without having a break. Any stuff that you read about our future is bogus, because it's completely undetermined as yet."

Hmm. Although, actually, that doesn't quite have the same definitive "the band will go on" as we might have been looking for, now we come to think of it. Although since a split Garbage probably just means a solo Shirley Manson, it's not especially unsettling - we're not going to cry ourselves to sleep at night worrying about if we'll ever hear another record with Butch Vig on it.